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  1. I can understand the fact that Arabic VTC's are growing everyday, but TMP is an ENGLISH based community and is understood by majority of the community. I can understand having it in the translation team for small things, but there is around 6,500 languages in the world, if we add one, we got to add them all. This is a no for me.
  2. AI Traffic? That's not going to be good on the C-D Road lol
  3. Suggestion Name: Ban VTC advertisement in chat. Suggestion Description: Banning the advertisement of VTC's in in-game chat. Any example images: Not really a suggestion I can give a picture of... Why it should be added: Every time I join Truckers MP to do a drive, chat, or do anything of the sort, the chat is always spammed with illegible VTC advertisements that get really annoying and having a chat with anyone is near impossible. I'm not saying to ban VTC advertisement as a whole (that's just stupid), but at least ban it in in-game chat due to there being more 'official' ways of advertisement (such as the TMP discord or renting TFM(or other radio stations) advertisement slots) than spamming in-game chat and annoying the hell out of other people. I'm really interested in other peoples thoughts, so please, anyone that has any constructive comments, please, comment and let your opinion known
  4. Another one I found amazing to use is the capture software in the Xbox Game Bar. It's really simple to use and only requires a Windows PC (windows 10 and up I believe) to use.
  5. Isn't this just the Report button? It sounds like the Report Button, press it and wait for staff.
  6. Suggestion Name: Allowing Custom Paintjobs Suggestion Description: Allowing Custom Paintjobs in the game, Like a VTC can have their custom skin on the truck to advertise the VTC. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Because It would put a new element of fun in Truckers MP, It would allow people to advertise stuff on the side of their trucks just like Trucks in real life do(pic 1). Pic 1:
  7. Thanks mate, Solution 3 worked, I just had to restart my computer and It magically started working xD. I really hate when this happens.
  8. I was booting up my truckersMP launcher and I got this: I don't know why I got it. If I can get any help, that would be great.
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