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  1. Hello, Fred(@CaptainBulldog_). As for evil I have a broken sound of reversible course. But I haven't any problems with engine sounds. Maybe this is a bug of 1.38. I have a question: Do you use a Realtek's sound drivers and what the version of it? @ZA_CHAJEM, Driver.
  2. Hi! Save 1.38 profile when downgrading to 1.37 impossible, because this is absolutely different versions(for example: some cities reskins, another navigator design or some truck updates). But fortunately game makes a backup folder of your profile files in C:/user name/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2. Here you can see .bak folders. Open "profile(1.37 version).bak", copy every thing and paste in C:/user name/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/profiles/number of your profile. ATTENTION: make a backup folder of your 1.38 progress! Well, I know that this is not that you wanted, but this is better then nothing. I hope that my tips can help you King regards @ZA_CHAJEM Driver
  3. Hi, @Koogimees! I present this common fixes: 1. Update your graphic card drivers; 2. Verify integrity of game files. Your steam library -> click right button of mouse(RBM) on ETS2 -> Propreties... -> Local files -> Verify integrity of game files; 3. Use automatic pedal(you can skip this tip, if you wanna to drive with clutch pedal); 4. Set your graphic settings to minimal; 5. Update your windows 10. New build more productive, than older builds. If you have newest build, so search for patch updates in Settings -> Update and Security -> Windows Update -> press Search for updates 6. Try to customise graphic card drivers. If you have AMD ~RX 560 , I will give my settings. I hope that it will help you. Kind regards, @ZA_CHAJEM Member
  4. I know how to see UV in blender) But I need UV of other mods and this is a problem of this topic.
  5. Mr Lispy maybe this is best variant to do, but I will try to collect more variants, thank you
  6. Hi everyone! I downloaded a mod and want to create a own skin, so I need a UV map for this. How can I get?
  7. I RECOVERED MY SAVES TO CONNECTED PROFILE!!! So, how did i do that: I updated to lastest version of ETS2 (TruckesMP doesn't support lastest version) and went to Documents -> Euro Truck Simulator 2 -> profile 1.36.2s.bak (you can have other name of this folder)-> profile name(there is a strange letters and numbers) -> save. Then I copied all folders and moved to Documents -> Euro Truck Simulator 2 -> profiles -> profile name -> save. I found saves in "profile 1.36.2s.bak" folder and in my special recover folder for ETS2, but I think that it's folder "profile 1.36.2s.bak". My big excuse for the issue, Problem solved. Have a nice day!
  8. I remember, that I clicked on check box "Save cloud" can It help me?
  9. Hello there! I cleaned issues by antivirus, decided to play in ETS 2 (saves not losted). So, I lost all my saves after rebooting my computer (antivirus wasn't active in this time) and before restarting I made save by me and by automatic saves ETS 2 and all losted(((. How can I restore losted saves?! World of Trucks profile connected
  10. I'm sorry, thx man! It .NET 3.0.0 prev helped!
  11. M-m-m-m-m-m... It doesn't help me, sry((( Ok, this is my prev of texture(I made opacity for understandable):
  12. Hello everyone! I want to create skin to my own truck in ETS2 studio(I made texture in PS and converted in DDS format, it's for Iveco Stralis). And I need to impose TEXTURE, not COLOR. After making everything I started to export and got this error:... I didn't find any guides about this. Plz help(((
  13. Hello! I solved this problem by turning on all components of .Net Framework 4.8 in control panel! Thanks!
  14. @ppabli Reset windows to factory setting can help me?
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