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  1. Thanks for follow.. 💜

  2. Thanks for follow.. 💜

  3. Thanks for follow.. 😇

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      You're welcome 😎

  4. D I S C I P L I N E 🤠

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  5. Hello, I quite like the renewed login screen. The server density screen, which we can access, the panels where we can access the forum and more, and the topics related to the latest agendas caught my attention. Years later, I can say that I like this system, which looks beautiful and technological. However, I think that it is necessary to focus on the serious optimization problems that have been going on for the last year, and to consider such updates more. Incredible crashes and freezes that occur when the brake is pressed started to increase and to lose the pleasure of the game. I will be looking forward to the work. Thanks for the update. Kind Regards Black Alcoa TruckersMP Veteran Driver II
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