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  1. I agree and sitting idle for 2hrs is probably what most ban evaders / troll drivers do. So as a starter let's up the time and make them sit there longer, slowing the return and releasing some load on game mods. It would definitely be good to increase the required time and include a certain distance travelled on World of Trucks. Having certain requirements for new accounts determines the route you take. Currently the system inplace is easy manipulated by ban evaders / troll drivers becuase requirements are easily achieved and this unfortunately attracts certain types of players. so these loop holes need to be closed. Upping the requirements for any new TMP accounts created will improve the current player base (drive more sensible), weed out the ban evaders / troll drivers and most importantly lesser ban reports to deal with. The harder you make it the less likely they are going to come back. Which is what I suggest!
  2. Follow me at Twitch.tv/Llockiez

  3. And I totally agree, even if it was a week. But increasing the 2hr limit its slows the return of ban evaders ultimately helping the load on game mods.
  4. I'm not going to explain how to ban evade on a open forum so please don't ask but trust me when I say they don't pay to evade a ban!!
  5. Again ban evaders do not need the 2hrs refund timer. They do not pay for the game There Is a reason, It slows down the troublesom ban evaders getting back in the game. Which can only be a positive outcome. On another side note I'm pleased that this got us talking about the situation.
  6. How is me telling you that banned drivers don't buy the game defending them? I want them gone or to slow how quick they can be back in the game. It's a loop hole that needs to be closed or made hard to achieve. I think you someone needs to do research its you. Banned drivers trying to ban evade do not need to buy the game again!! Normal players like you and me won't spend money to ban evade if its going to cost more money. We would just serve said ban. However ban evaders don't buy the game or dlcs everytime that are banned. Also, we'll done on telling everyone on TMP forums to go look for boosting apps.
  7. Another way this change could be implemented. Set it on a monthly basis review but could change at anytime without warning and have a message on the registration page, for example: "Current required playtime for new accounts is 12hrs, this is due to the influx of registrations. Sorry for any inconvenience caused" But then you have a minimum and a maximum that it cant go below or above. Minimum 6hrs / maximum 24hrs
  8. This got to be worth a try. TMP already got 5mil registered users so the player base is already there Maybe start at 12hrs, see what the feedback is then increase or decrease as necessary. If it slows down to much decrease, if its still the same increase You will be able to see the stats on new accounts being created slows down. I would be interested to know the before/after I would say the majority against the increase would be the ban evaders and everyone will just complete the required time in single player/convoy.
  9. Hi Tommy, Please read my other reply's ..... **Troll Drivers / Ban evaders do not buy the game** So you can not use the refund argument as a motion against this suggestion.
  10. L-DragO they do not spend money to evade a ban!! "How is that possible not to report them ???" I was told by a discord mod and I quote "This is not something the Community Moderation Team can deal with. Keep in mind that Ban Evading violations cannot be reported to the TruckersMP Team, as such violations are handled through internal processes." Being able to help this internal process would be a great but we can't. You can't compare reckless driving in TMP to real life. In real life there is more consequences (hurt yourself or somone else, be arrested / put in jail)
  11. Agreed but making it achievement based might cause more issues becuase they are unsure how to do said achievement. By just upping the required play time will slow them coming back. Which can only slow the load on Game mods Maybe it should Be 6hrs, 12 hrs but 2hrs is easily done. I get what Flaming is saying but sometimes to solve a problem you have to implement certain measures.
  12. I did say 24hrs might be to much but 2hrs is nothing to a ban evader. I've witnessed this week a player being banned permanently and back on the game in 2hrs not much point have a banning system inplace and from what I've been told you can't report ban evaders.
  13. Slowing the process down of banned players will easy load on the game mods. Giving them more time to work towards getting the process correct. Ban evaders don't buy DLC'S and the normal player that get banned will just serve the time. Your argument against is because 2hrs is to much. Well I think it should be more. Its not stopping them playing the game. Single player and convoy is still available, can still buy all the dlcs and use them. It's just slowing down the process of being able to 1. Play on TMP 2. Stop ban evaders (mainly permanently banned) from being back in the game within 2 little hours. I did say 24hrs might a bit much and it could be a good staring point but ban evaders can be back on the game within 2hrs. 2hrs is nothing. You watch a film in 2hrs. Say it was 24hrs was the requirement for TMP the experience you can get from playing the game first in single player or convoy will also stop new players getting banned for reckless driving becuase they are not familiar with the game. Again helping with the load for game mods. You think ban evaders pay for the game?
  14. Suggestion Name: Increase required playtime from 2hrs Suggestion Description: Increase required playtime from 2hrs to 24hrs. Ok maybe 24hrs is to much but 6hrs 8hrs 12hrs it just 2hrs is nothing. Any example images: I can provide screenshots if required, but It will include user details etc.. Why it should be added: - Slow down the ban evaders making them serve the required time etc. - Reduce the ban reports for reckless driving etc because of inexperienced drivers Also being a small time stream and being targeted by stream snipers. I've submitted ban reports resulting in permanent bans but they are back after the 2hrs and I'm not the only one being targeted. My small streaming community explained how banned players get around permanent bans (I'm not going to post the how to here) but I am happy for someone to contact me and I can explain all the loop holes ( your probably already knownl them) So upping the required played time before join TMP will hopefully reduce the ban reports for game moderators and stop the ban evaders. Maybe 24hrs is a bit much but it could be a good starting point. Thanks Llockie
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