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  1. 我们的车队最近总是跑惯了秋名山,我们希望能得到一个新的道路去处,麻烦大家给一些建议!!!万分感谢!!!附赠一张照片
  2. I am happy to have a new sever.I just need I can play this game in China well.The SGP sever means we dont need to use the VPN?Haha:)
  3. 大家好!我是cha车队副队长!我们车队虽然刚在职业训练局创立不久,但我们相信,我们一定可以成为国内一流,乃至世界一流车队!我们cha车队每天都会有联运活动等待大家的参加,我们也会与其他车队合作联运.中国卡车联盟的大联运我们也会经常参加.甚至,我们会组织与其他国家的车队合作联运,我们没有太多要求,只需要你能听从安排,积极活跃!快来加入我们的车队吧!网址:https://truckersmp.com/vtc/10837车队官网:https://chatruck.icoc.vc/ “”大家好!我是查队的副队长!虽然我们的团队刚刚在职业训练局成立,但我们相信我们一定能成为中国乃至世界一流的团队!我们的车组每天都有多式联运活动等着大家参加,我们也会在多式联运方面与其他团队合作。我们还将经常参加中国卡车联盟的主要多式联运。甚至,我们也将组织与其他国家船队的合作多式联运。我们没有太多的要求,只有你可以听的安排和积极的!来加入我们的队伍!网站:https://truckersmp.com/vtc/10837团队官方网站:https://chatruck.icoc.vc/` Hello everyone! I am the vice captain of CHA team! Although our team has just been established in VTC, we believe that we can definitely become a first-class team in China and even in the world! Our CHA team has intermodal transportation activities waiting for everyone to participate every day, and we will also cooperate with other teams in intermodal transportation. We will also often participate in the major intermodal transportation of the China Truck Union. Even, we will organize cooperative intermodal transportation with other countries' fleets. We don't have too many requirements, only you can listen to the arrangement and be active! Come and join our team! Website: https://truckersmp.com/vtc/10837 Team official website: https://chatruck.icoc.vc/
  4. 今天,我们CHA散人车队终于创建了自己的VTC! 我们十分感谢大家的加入 但是,请大家先看一下联运规则 ①骂人的直接踢掉不解释 ②不遵守联运规则的同上 ③以后联运提前准备好,不等 ④不要抢麦,听从指挥 ⑤非特殊联运不要搞特殊(如开双节) ⑥遵从管理员安排,保持车距,注意安全 ⑦尽量不要撞到自己人,不 要 超 车,更不能撞到对向来车以及其他车队 大家都看完了规则,那我们继续 风风雨雨,我和CHA车队这个大家庭共度了许多难关 我们经历过成功,也遭遇过失败 在这里,每个人都有无限的可能 我们寻找最阳光,欢乐,的你 愿你能与车队携手共进 努力冲向前方,携手并肩战斗,CHA,加油! 副队-C H A —【01】Lie. 英文 Today, we have finally created our own VTC! Thank you very much for joining us But first, let's look at the intermodal rules ① Scold people, kick them out and don't explain ② Do not comply with the combined transport rules ③ After that, the intermodal transport will be ready in advance, no wait ④ Don't rob the wheat. Follow the instructions ⑤ Do not make special use of non special combined transportation (e.g. open double section) ⑥ Follow the administrator's arrangement, keep the distance and pay attention to safety ⑦ Try not to hit your own people, overtake, or hit the opposite car or other teams We've all read the rules, so let's move on It's stormy. I've been through a lot of difficulties with the cha team We have experienced success and failure Here, everyone has unlimited possibilities We are looking for the sunshine, the joy, you Hope you can make progress together with the team Strive to the front, fight hand in hand, Cha, come on! Vice team-c h a - [01] lie 欢迎大家加入我们!
  5. Thank you for your reply. I know what I have to do now! Thanks!
  6. Like the title,I want to ask how to beconme a manager? 我想问问咋成为管理员。论坛管理和游戏管理。+ oh,become
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