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  1. It's possible that your keyboard glitched or the C key was accidentally set to more than one thing, since you don't have any mods.
  2. The C key is for cruise control, meaning it should only keep your speed, not auto turn your steering wheel. About the engine part, was your truck damaged? For the entirety of the question, did you download any mods other than TruckersMP and use them in a regular server? You should keep your mods to the ProMods server.
  3. It is possible that your specific location had no other way to extend accordingly. It is likely that it will be one of the only locations, or maybe something from ProMods interfered with your HTC trailer.
  4. I can't play ETS2 multiplayer because it always registers my SteamID as 'already playing' and it automatically makes me play offline. This only appears to happen after I've finished one job, and it typically takes longer than an hour to resolve. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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