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  1. Thank you. I've just created a bug report about this.
  2. I just checked EuroGoodies. For any truck longer than mine, it's physically impossible to park this HCT there. Even for my truck, it doesn't look ok to make me park it this way. Nonsense. The only question is... is this a promods issue or the same also happens in the default map? If it's only in promods, i will create a bug report, because it's obviously not how it should be.
  3. I'd never had an HCT trailer and decided to get it on ProMods server. My first order was ok, but the second one would end up like this. 1:38 Did i miss something or Promods doesn't support HCT trailers? How am i supposed to park it there?
  4. Those fences have bugged collision. A trailer gets stuck in empty space, when going too close to them.
  5. To me, the majority of drivers on Promods server drive very well. For 3 days of playing there (mostly on Iceland), i had no accidents at all, while on SIM1 server, every day ends up with many reports.
  6. Myau91

    PINFO command

    A good idea without any cons and does not look like difficult to make (5 minutes of work?). I'm wondering why it hasn't been made yet.
  7. If this suggestion is taken, i would add that the creators could also inform the same way if a player is afk (after 2-3 minutes of doing nothing).
  8. Promods server needs a big online to not be empty... Even in ETS2 SIM1 there are not many players on DLC maps. But Promods map is bigger, so the chance to meet other players will be less. I have bad expectations from it... I hope i'm wrong...
  9. I think, that lags must be detected by coordinates of the lagging player. There must be a specific safe time interval between updating coordinates. If the player's position has not been updated in this time, he becomes a ghost and the other players must see it (by visual indication) to increase distance between him. The ghost mode must be finished when he does not have other players too close to him. Of course, the player must be also warned.
  10. Some trucks have, some trucks don't have. Living and driving in Russia, i'm used to see european trucks overtaking me at 100+ km/h here.
  11. You leave yourself without experience that you would have in real life. What's the point to play simulator then?
  12. Look at the shapes of objects. They are wrong because of the fisheye effect. Yes, and they pay for it with wrong shapes of objects. I'll explain below. In real life, objects don't change their shapes when you turn your head. Try to move your head in game with FOV more than 60 (or better with your 90) and objects will look further and closer cuz of that. Also, the lane you're going on will become wide and narrow, depending on direction of your sight. Should i explain that it does not happen IRL. I don't think so. If you want to see and feel like you do in real life, try to set FOV 60. Yes you will have to turn your head to watch mirrors, but you will see it like real drivers (except for angle of view because an usual "square" screen doesn't allow you to have it), not aliens. I drove real trucks so i can compare.
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