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  1. I disable random events while driving on simulated servers,However, in MP, due to the lack of synchronization, it is recommended not to use them.
  2. I've always used a real manual transmission to better experience driving pleasure.
  3. Hey ~Welcome to Truckers MP! First you have to read the rules. Then follow the traffic rules. Finally, avoid Calais and Duisburg
  4. Haha, but there are still many people who choose to go there, aren't there? Duisburg and Calais are integral parts I also want to know why Duisburg is busy.
  5. Sometimes the car is really a headache, hoping to separate a server.
  6. I will use voice navigation, I hope more content can be updated.
  7. Do you prefer team work or individual work? I feel that the team has the fun of the team and the individual has the fun of the individual. What do you think?
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