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  1. @JeffSFC - Y'all need help or smh? What's wrong with the dev team? If you're already unable to answer questions properly I at least expect you to make an reply here. If the dev team is unable to make 1.35 compatible and being weeks late, why in earth are you not recruiting new devs? As much as you guys already lack mods ingame. Requirements set way too high for something people do in their free time.
  2. When I asked when truckersmp is going to support 1.35 they laughed at my 'stupid' question and all I got was "When SCS releases 1.35." 1.35 has been out on beta for a long time now and there was enough time to prepare for it, and now, that it is out, guess what: Genius @JeffSFC
  3. GER-Zesa

    1.35 Support

    When is TruckersMP going to support ETS2's 1.35 version?
  4. I need help with save editing. Whenever I make a change to the save file and try to start it ingame it says the save file is corrupted. What I did was: Decrypt game.sii Open game.sii through SaveGameEditor Removing 1 Skillpoint from Urgent and added it to High Value. Hit "Apply and Save Settings" ..is all I did and the file gets corrupted. What am I doing wrong? :/
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