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  1. Freddie Mercury Gets Into A Traffic Accident And Calls Mama
  2. Always follow road laws.
  3. Faded - Alan Walker, but every Beat is a crash from Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer.
  4. Crazy Skoda kamikaze into helpless Volvo destroying the truck! More funny moments on Euro truck simulator 2 #7 !!!
  5. Wow, that second picture is amazing @[RLC] Kw1nt3n .
  6. Driving in the rain is fun and calming.
  7. When you watch too much Initial D and start overtaking and drifting into corners...
  8. Found my first hacker/troll online! he drives through me and other players and cause 100% damage. How can i report him when i cant even find his ID? Watch funny moments #4 here:
  9. Funny momments number #3. Finally after months of playing i see someone get an INSTA BAN for crashing!
  10. Congrats to @[VIVA] Jxkke, @ffracing75 and @Tuna_. Amazing pictures
  11. Yes i got the answer @BL4CK$K1LL. Thanks for the help and also thanks to @Averazon and @[RLC] Alis* for giving me examples of sites to use.
  12. I want to upload a picture into the "Picture of the Month" community post but don't know what picture host sites is best to use. Can someone give me some suggestion other than Imgur as it is blocked by the ISP in my country, and i don't really want to use a VPN every time i need to upload an image. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. Congrats to all the winners! That sunset shot is really stunning @TheWilliamTW
  14. New funny moments video from multiplayer gameplay. Sorry it took a while to make, more moments than before! Hope you enjoy it!
  15. Thank you, will definitely enjoy another adventure in multiplayer
  16. Hello guys and gals, Welcome to Ataris production. I have had Euro Truck Simulator 2 for over a year now, but have only recently played Multiplayer. I also like making videos and so i have recently made a gaming youtube channel. In there you will find Euro Truck Simulator 2 content every Monday, both Single player and Multiplayer Experiences. For my first post i would like to present my latest upload on youtube. This video is a compilation of the things that i have seen on Multiplayer for my first week. Im sure everyone has seen this type of things happen to them on Multiplayer, so to make the video interesting i have added funny edits and sound effects. I hope you enjoy the video as much as i did making it, and if you did please subscribe as it would mean a lot for me. Thanks
  17. Thanks for this guide, helped me because i just started playing a few days ago :).
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