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  1. Ah, I see. Thank you @super37sfor your time. You helped alot, cheers!
  2. @super37s Ok, I got it working as you told me to, now could I possibly get rid of the part itself and keep the light slots by any chance?
  3. @super37s Thank you for explaining everything and showing me exacly what to do I realised that I was editing the wrong truck. But now I did changed the right digits from 0 to 1 and I do not know what it should change, because apart from digit it changed nothing in game. accessories[30]: _nameless.19d.5657.aba1 vehicle_addon_accessory : _nameless.19d.5657.aba1 { slot_name: 9 slot_name[0]: slot_13 slot_name[1]: slot_9 slot_name[2]: slot_12 slot_name[3]: slot_10 slot_name[4]: slot_11 slot_name[5]: slot_8 slot_name[6]: slot_5 slot_name[7]: slot_4
  4. Hello @super37s thank you for answering, but I still cannot get this to work, mostly because the front grill slot line doesn't show up even after adding the dlc grill addon to the truck unless Im missing something these are the small lights Im trying to add but the data path points to the mighty griffin front grill attachment witch Im trying to get rid off. vehicle_addon_accessory : _nameless.216.1f79.de10 { slot_name: 12 slot_name[0]: slot_12 slot_name[1]: slot_11 slot_name[2]: slot_13 slot_name[3]: slot_14 slot_name[4]: slot_20 slot_name[5]: slot_15 slot_n
  5. @LordBenji Hello, is it possible to add small lights on the grill via save editing to Scania R 2009? I took the mighty griffin grill and added lights then tried to remove it without deleting the light themselves and I don't think it is possible. Have you ever attempted something like that?
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