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  1. You can use the mouse in the cab to play the radio station, the next radio station, and turn off the radio station. Because I sometimes can't remember the key to bind the radio station, so every time I switch the radio station, I have to stop to switch. I hope to increase the number of radio stations in the cab, thank you!
  2. Every time I encounter a player's illegal behavior in the game, I will upload the video to the official website at the first time, but the waiting time is too long, sometimes more than four days, and then reply to me. Although I know that the administrator is very busy, if the situation is not handled early and violators are prohibited, it may cause the next ordinary player to encounter violators again, hoping to change the time of inspection report. Hope to receive, thank you!
  3. He is videotaping. If you don't break the rules, please don't panic.
  4. I think if we cancel the speed limit, Ets2 will be in chaos
  5. Where to find the external tasks I've done is to see how many times I've done them.
  6. I would like to ask what the role of external missions, and why the limit of 90 km / h, I would like to ask whether this limit can be lifted.
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