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  1. Looking forward to this year's police car server!

    TMP Happy sixth anniversary.:tmp:


  2.                                                                       Welcome to attend N.T Club First anniversary activities



                                                            Sign up link:https://ets2c.com/view/85107/fantian-hannover-sea-port


    1. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Good luck to everyone!🎈

  3. Looking forward to 1.35 appearing in multiplayer games, developers are working hard.
  4. This is a good idea, ready to help new players.
  5. Brahma_Z

    Donator Tags

    I like the idea very much, +1
  6. I think this is very annoying. A car suddenly appeared in front of me while driving. It is very easy to hit him. Every player will avoid and then touch the car in the target lane. This is a very dangerous method.
  7. This is a good way to drive and reduce traffic accidents.
  8. Brahma_Z


    +1, which can reduce the sound when there are many people.
  9. Great attention will help all new players.
  10. If the air pressure is not enough and the oil level is not enough, try to shift the gear to first gear.
  11. I wish you good luck and hope that this event will be stronger and have more fun teams than last time.
  12. Brahma_Z

    Friends on map

    I don't agree, because you and your friends can ask about the server, and your friends also have special points in the game to separate from those who are not friends.
  13. +1, I agree, because it can protect personal privacy from people.
  14. I don't agree, because new players can't enter the server and can only enter for veterans.
  15. I don't agree, because it is very easy to cause accidents, you can find a rest or rest area at a gas station if you want to rest.
  16. Brahma_Z

    Europe 4 no lights

    I don't agree, because you can't see the road ahead without turning on the light.。
  17. Thank you for your information! Can let the novice play ATS to know the car dealer.
  18. Thank you for your information! This will enable more players to understand the existence of the game. ATS has been reduced, but I hope to make some progress in your information.
  19. I want to rule out this random incident, because many people have led to the ban on this incident. If not excluded, I hope to be able to synchronize random events.
  20. +1, this is a good idea, for example, in Calais, Duisburg and other densely populated areas can mute.
  21. +1, I agree, because there are so many people on the trail, as long as the speed is fast and a collision will cause traffic jams, I run at 60 to 80 speed on these sections, and I cannot drive too fast and suddenly turn over easily.
  22. Good evening!


    1. Guest


      Good evening :wub:

  23. Thank you for your offer, which has increased the fun of the game for new players and solved this problem for new players.
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