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  1. I would say that the 110 km/h speed limit on the simulation servers is too low. I would say that the speed limit should be at least 140km/h, as that is the highest legal speed on any road type in Europe (excluding autobahns), as it is the motorway speed limit in Poland and probably others that I can't be bothered to look up. The point is, if cars are not going to be allowed to go at the speed limit, then how is it a simulation, when in real life most cars go way above it anyway? And I know that I will get responses about how it is a truck simulator, but cars are liked, used, and in most cases, used well. It is only a small minority who abuse the cars, giving them their bad reputation. taking away cars would be a missive blow to the mod. What me and, from what it sounds like, many other players want is to have a server like Europe 2 or 3, instead of either extreme of Europe 1 or 4, which is basically what we have now. While I am not against the simulation and arcade system in principle, I think that it has been implemented badly and without a proper, representative consultation of the playerbase. /rant
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