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  1. Hello. I hope I don't sound demanding or ungrateful towards the event team staff (who I know are all volunteers) but during the last ETS2 convoy (Genoa - Mannheim) there were quite a few problems with the management and planning which I hope will not be replicated during this event. Traffic was held up for ages as we entered Turin, as we had to wait for traffic that had started in Turin to enter (or some reason like that at least). I understand that basically the whole point of a convoy is to be around other players, however this was a several-minute standstill with quite a significant tailback onto the motorway. The second problem I had was the fact that the convoy (unintentionally, from what I could see) split in two at Strasbourg, due to poor instructions for what to do, and the fact that no cars were blocking the wrong way. If this was the wrong way, then why were there no cars blocking that way, and if it was an alternative route, and the convoy could and was expected to split in two, then why were there absolutely no convoy control cars anywhere to be seen? I understand that a lot of planning would have to go into something like this, but it still does seem like rather poor planning, especially as it seemed like a very easy blunder to make, given how many people went the wrong way. Again, I understand that the event team staff are all volunteers and it may have been impossible to have everything be so clear everywhere, but those two things (the second in particular) really did ruin the convoy for me, but I certainly hope that there will not be similar problems to this during this upcoming convoy.
  2. I would say that the 110 km/h speed limit on the simulation servers is too low. I would say that the speed limit should be at least 140km/h, as that is the highest legal speed on any road type in Europe (excluding autobahns), as it is the motorway speed limit in Poland and probably others that I can't be bothered to look up. The point is, if cars are not going to be allowed to go at the speed limit, then how is it a simulation, when in real life most cars go way above it anyway? And I know that I will get responses about how it is a truck simulator, but cars are liked, used, and in most cases, used well. It is only a small minority who abuse the cars, giving them their bad reputation. taking away cars would be a missive blow to the mod. What me and, from what it sounds like, many other players want is to have a server like Europe 2 or 3, instead of either extreme of Europe 1 or 4, which is basically what we have now. While I am not against the simulation and arcade system in principle, I think that it has been implemented badly and without a proper, representative consultation of the playerbase. /rant
  3. Szczecin - Brno could be fun. It fills basically all the requirements for the sort of road that the people who use Calais - Duisburg at the moment seek in order to make the driving as disorderly and chaotic as possible. It is single carriageway most of the way It has a fair amount, albeit not a ridiculous amount, of bends It is in the base map (I think!) It is a similar distance to the current thing, only being a bit longer It has a couple of motorway connections for traffic jams to form frequently (as well as, you know, providing access to this road) A small amount of the route near Brno goes on a motorway, and therefore means that there is a TOTSO. Negotiating that with loads of traffic would be 'fun.' For the people who want to have a serious drive, there are viable alternatives via motorways.
  4. Interesting. Of course trying to work it out would depend on whether people had trailers or not, whether they were driving cars of trucks - and of course the one question that no one really seems to know - how many (kilo)metres long is the ETS2 map? And how many lanes are there is the game on average? And even still, there is no easy way at all of working out the distribution between DLC and non-DLC areas at any given time! Again, I'm not expecting any answers to this question, although I imagine that it's quite interesting.
  5. If servers cost nothing and an infinite number of people could fit onto the ETS2 map, how many people could fit on it at once before there is just not enough room for all of those vehicles? Likewise, how many people could fit on it at once if everyone was a perfect driver but they actually wanted space within which to move? And similarly, how many people could fit on it if the drivers were like they are on the CD road, and the traffic density is like that over the entire map? I'm not expecting any proper answers by any means, I am just curious if anyone would be able to give an estimate.
  6. jiunaughten


    As I was happily driving along in Germany today, I see a message at the bottom of my screen; it is telling me to turn my headlights on or I will be kicked. However, it was only 16:00, and extremely light! People can definitely see when it is so ridiculously light as it was. I understand that players should have their headlights turned on when it is genuinely dark, but at 4pm? Players being forced to turn on their headlights at ludicrous hours just contributes to lag and nothing else, in my opinion. People like me who have bad computers are just going to lag as they try to process all of that extra light, and with that coming a bad fps, leading to more dangerous driving as they cannot keep control of their vehicle. As such, can it please go back to the way it was of players only being forced to put on their headlights when it is actually dark, or am I missing some deeper reason here?
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