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  1. thats 1 thing about the game mods on tmp they watch peoples streams on twitch if your on tmp and wait to see if u do anything wrong no matter how small it is and they will clip it report it and take the report them selfs and ban people its happend befor with another streamer... 

    1. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      Stream Sniping!! The best way.... ;) 

    2. LostockGamer


      It's bloody ridiculous.  Why aren't the Mods going after the people that do things on purpose?  I am rather annoyed at this and I want and demand answers!  I expect an apology, which won't happen, and a full explanation!  This particular Mod needs demoting if he's going to pick up on things like that.  I'm sure the devs really weren't meaning genuine mistakes to be called up.   The clips from my stream are now on Twitter (LostockGamer) for all to see.  

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