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  1. Przepraszam, za tą jazde ale zapatrzyłem się w telefon... dzwonili do mnie 

    I jeszcze wyzwanie też za to przepraszam 

  2. I wrote a feedback and 4 days nobody writes me ... and now I got another error god dammit ......... Game unsupported game version ... What the hell is happening
  3. Hello guys I want to ask why I keep getting this message in EU2 only ? ''You have been banned from TruckersMP network'' and I go offline ? I was banned for 3 days before that problem start happening . Please HELP ! I wrote to the support but the guy told me that - ''We dont deal with ban releated issues . Please do not contact the support about this. ''. I am new to TruckersMP so I need a lot of help ! Please ! Down there is the picture of the support . Thanks !
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