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  1. I will yield to ALL SNOWMOD USERs just focus on YOUR driving and do NOT worry about me please.

  2. :mellow:  Some of these jobs are so freaking long my shoulder starts to hurt while driving.

  3. This update is great so many more things to do, remember to drive safe and above all have fun ^_^

  4. I love how so many china (chinese) players  do not care about rules, I wish something could be done.  I have yet to met one player from china that actually follows the rules.

    1. FernandoCR [ESP]

      FernandoCR [ESP]

      In EU#2? You are lucky !! I've yet to meet one player from anywhere that actually follows the rules... :lol:

    2. Odion


      What about turkish players? :0

  5. Blingding snow ingame, blinding snow IRL, I can't win today :RIP:

  6. Living beside a real world trucking company is not all kitten and rainbows... : / 

  7. Sometimes I feel this game should be called Euro Truck Racing...:mellow:

  8. how does one forum again XD

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