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  1. When I say new wave of trolls I'm referring to the numbers statistically as seen on the servers this very second. As of this writing Friday the 12th, 6:33pm GMT time there are 4,011/4200 on Simulation 1, and 1,561/2,300 on Simulation 2. Both of TMP's new simulator servers are currently operating at 96% and 68% capacity respectively whereas before with the old servers on EU1 on average I remember seeing no more than 500 players at a time on a server that could house 2,300 players. For posterity there are 509/2300 on Arcade 1 and 105/2300 on Arcade 2 as of this moment. It can be well seen where the mass of of EU2 have had to migrate too and that once again Arcade (formally known as EU4) is being under-utilized. All TMP has done is helped funnel all of EU2 (both the good and the bad) into their simulator server making a mess of it all. I would fully back this except the traditionalist in me feels that a simulation server with no damage kind of defeats the whole purpose of the word 'Simulator'. I understand that the game needs to adapt to the user base and that this may be a possible solution. I for one would never play it. I think that nullifies the authenticity of the game, in fact I feel trolls themselves bring more authenticity to a game than 'no-damage' would. When I drive to work I don't have the luxury of being able to ghost though other vehicles but I do have the luxury of trying to avoid accidents from irate/inattentive/incompetent drivers. I'd take trolls over no damage any day. As long as the perimeters of this server remain a side-option (say exclusively 'Simulation 2 server') and not the only simulation server, or a paid-option, or something available on Discord for example. I would hate to see this dictated on the main simulation server... I spend $450 a month on business speed internet but being on the west coast of USA my ping still has never dropped below 160ms, and thats on a good day. For players on Australia and NZ their ping is even worse, collectively we are about as far away from the servers as you can get. Gross violation bans I can get on board with, 100%. There is no reason for being that negligent. I do however once again question the validity of some of the in-game moderators as I've seen players banned (not kicked) for spotty internet connections. Yes being stuck behind or around a lagger sucks, but it's hardly worth penalizing someone that can't afford a better computer or internet. Someone that deliberately drives the wrong way or blocks for laughs? Ban stick, hard and swift.
  2. So let me get this straight. TMP have removed the one server that made multiplayer worth playing. Got it. I'm all for simulation and arcade, but I am also for freedom of choice. When I wanted to make a quick delivery and had few real-time hours to dedicate to the game I took it to EU4 and floored it. When I wanted to test my skills in J-Spec I took it to EU1. But what made the online experience was the orderly chaos of EU2. I speak for myself that it made me a far better driver both in-game and IRL constantly trying to predict what every other driver was doing. It also made finding those few good drivers out there that much more fun to impromptu convoy with. But here's the real problem and I'm sure it's already been mentioned, but eith EU2 gone TMP has inadvertently filtered all of the trolls into simulation-only servers. If anything, this creates a hostile environment and goes against the one scenario they've attempted to fix. A troll is a troll. They will find a way. People will still hack and people will still block. The possible solution to siphon off the new wave of trolls is to bring collision parameters to arcade server. But you better be prepared to leave that sever when you're being trolled upon because no moderator will want to oversee Arcade. Their report workload would be astronomical from all of the small underage children ramming one another, acting tough over the internet and crying foul when another player does to them what they did to another. No one is going to play arcade and hardly anyone is going to really enjoy simulation. People will gravitate towards chaos and will seek out the challenges therein, myself including. I personally enjoyed driving J-Spec in EU2 (the exception being C-D road where I would find a nice balance of reasonable driving and keeping with the flow of traffic) because I never quite knew what was going to happen. If I wanted predictability I'd have stayed in singleplayer. If TMP really wants to make a change they need to focus on proper training and regulation of their in-game moderators. While I personally have never had any run-ins with them I've seen first hand at their worst they are toxic and power hungry and at their best and most common they are incompotent. I understand that they are all volunteers and no one gets payed to do any of this, but a blanket regulation also seems the half-baked easy way out. I understand the premise of a simulator. But the multiplayer fan base of ETS2 has much more going for it or it did. It was one of those simulators that never got boring because of the vast unknown that other players would bring. I'm already bored with it.
  3. LeSpindle


    As a general rule, when playing MP I prefer to leave my headlights on regardless because the servers can sometimes have a really hard time rendering another players truck coming at you, especially at high speed. Headlights are visible long before the trucks are in alot of cases, and it helps increase accident avoidance. During daynight hours I still keep them on because it illuminates my instrument cluster which can be impossible to see on some trucks.
  4. I speak for myself when I say that I prefer the unpredictability of the braking after the recent update, it simulates real life weight bias alot better. ♡
  5. I personally have seen more Polizia Huracans than standard ones. One yellow one, never a red one. I've noticed that depending on region/country certain cars spawn in select places and will vanish before you if you follow them outside their grid, the Citroen 2CV in my post is one such car. I would love SCS forever if somewhere deep in the upcoming Baltic expansion as we near St. Petersburg we can find the occasional Lada. Bonus points if they make them reckless like some of the Mustangs after the recent Germany facelift. XD
  6. I'll share! I didn't realize that J-Spec was a thing. So here's mine, and I have to say I have put more happy kilometers on this truck than all my high-powered rigs combined. I love banging through every gear and watching it struggle up hills, it adds so much to the gameplay. The first step for me was to visit the real life Scania truck builder and see what factory colors were available. I chose Chalcedony Grey (paint code RAL7038 CM) and then applied it best I could in-game. There are discrepancies due to monitor RGB and also that these images were gently post-processed to lower attachment file size. Lost a bit of resolution. Specs are as follows: -Scania R (chose R over S to enhance the diminutive cab size) -Engine is DC13 149 Euro 6 @370hp (base stock) -Transmission is Opticruise GRS 905 (base stock) Mod's: -Interior upgraded to Standard Light to match exterior color. -Added plastic sideskirts. -Removed "Scania" logo to save $200 -Custom plate to pay homage to the Fiat Biposto 695 Total MSRP €141,380 [Added refrigerated Curtainslider with color to match truck] Don't drink and teleport to photo locations kids. Stay in skcool. ~(˘▾˘~)
  7. Hopefully this doesn't hijack the thread as it pertains to fuel consumption, but who here has ever run out of AdBlue? I understand only some trucks have the fuel capacity to allow AdBlue to empty before fuel tank. I have never witnessed this personally, would love to simulate it.
  8. You found a parked Huracan, in red no less, lucky!! Thank you for sharing, it's on my "Rare cars of ETS2" spotters checklist. I see a real one of those occasionally where I live. Love your R series♡
  9. I finally set up MP after years of playing SP simply because I loved the Idiots on the Road series. I figured that's how everyone drove here until I started seeing a community that strove to treat this as a simulator, and now those videos don't even make me smile. My goal is no bans, to be a decent driver and model in-game citizen. (I'm not into VTC's because I am loner, and I don't have time in my life to be a modder or admin.) My next goal is a proper driving setup, with a G29, VR and reliable recording software that doesn't make my fps drop to 30. My final goal is ongoing. It is to meet people all over the world. I love reading your signatures and seeing where people are from. I commit locations to memory and research them later. I always feel a bit more educated on the world around me and it makes me a better person. The fact that this games doubles as a weekly geography lesson for me is worth the price of admission. This week I met someone from Riga, Latvia. I'm convinced it is the most beautiful city I've ever seen.
  10. LeSpindle

    About the Cars

    Numerically speaking I've met just as many trolls in trucks as I have cars, the difference is the reaction time is slower in trucks and being rammed by one doesn't seem as abrupt and unexpected to me. I personally drive cars a good portion specifically for the challenges that the cars provide and the aesthetics of the caravan. I aim to be the difference on the roads and drive politely as such. One of the best drives to memory was driving a Skoda/Caravan and tagging along with two members of a VTC and us cruising at 75kph for two hours. There are other serves that don't allow cars but I prefer variety. For that reason I wish they'd add one or two more vehicles in fact.
  11. [Edited] Personally I would want one of two things. Older truck options (Volvo F series, Scania LK, Benz AGL, DAF CF, FIAT FNM, etc... just to name a few mods that already exist), of course I think this comes down to licensing rights which may prove difficult. But for those into J-class trucking or vintage vehicles, it would be nice to see more diversity on the roads. The next thing would be extremely technical roads. Realistic drop offs that are impossible to recover from, 3-point switchbacks, and dirt/snow roads that change grip characteristics (these currently exist and would work with some fine tuning) single lane off road passes, etc. A towing feature as someone mentioned before would be amazing, especially one that works as well as the one in a very particular off-roading game most of you will know about. Honestly though given the current SCS engine I think such contact between two trucks would quite literally break the games parameters and send one if not both of them flying off-map.
  12. Oh gosh that ad sure isn't subtle. How ironic it ended up being. XD
  13. Sparkie, you are on point. As far as I know the last remaining Scania dealers in North America are in Canada. Didn't know about Mexico though. And yes all we have here are marine/industrial powerplants from Scania sadly. Those two links you shared I stumbled upon in my quest earlier, and I'm just not positive they live up to OEM. That being said if they live up to their images they should do nicely. I did notice the same images from different sellers posted on Aliexpress and EBay which views a bit on the questionable side. But for $20... maybe worth the gamble? Unrelated, I love your Anthropomorphic art. This is borderline genius. I definitely did not consider this. Thank you!
  14. Looking to purchase an authentic Scania grill emblem, modern design blue background with Griffin. No Scania/SAAB lettering or vintage design. This is to be nothing more than a collectable piece for my home. I'm based out of USA and can't seem to find one that isn't a cheap knock-off made overseas which... may end up being as good as OEM for all I know. Not interested in purchasing one here privately on the forum as I'm sure that violates a rule or two (I haven't bothered looking), regardless I'd prefer finding one through a reputable Scania-approved dealer or third-party that is OEM. I'd prefer a metal version but I am going to assume that all modern Scania emblems are plastic due to cost savings/weight reduction. Any places anyone would recommend? Tia, -LeSpindle.
  15. LeSpindle

    Italy DLC

    Italy is definetly worth the purchase. One of the most common arguments here against it is that players do not frequent it, however for anyone starting out learning the finer points of driving MP it is an easy way to integrate and not get on everyone's nerves. Most folks that drive down there tend to throttle up alot due to the lack of interest but are more mature about it in their demeanor i.e. staying in their lane. For most part. Italy itself is a gorgeous map with lots of unique road challenges and shapes/curvature. As far as tight technical roads are concerned it lacks a bit; surpassed by the one road in Italy that is already availble on the original map, the northernmost roads in Norway, and a decent bit that goes north-west through the heart of France. The scenery makes up for it though. If you stick with the coastal towns (especially with ferries) you'll find a larger MP group generally. Also you can spot the occasional Hurracan in SP. Still searching for the Citroen 2CV in France. Saw it one time, haven't since.
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