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  1. Playtime doesn't matter. He/she may have been playing offline mode throughout his journey. Using a speedhack is obvious by how the truck moves. I do not think that any of the participants used any. I've seen a lot of speed hackers, and trust me, none of this influenced the race. Keep in mind that turning and such movements, and gameplay fps affects the speed. I drove once in a convoy, we were asked to set our cruise control at 80. One of them past me, and I was wondering why. I took a look at their screen and they have the same speed, while they have 60+ fps, lower ping, no lag rate. If you still think it's unfair, then you must submit a feedback to one of the administrations with a provided evidence, and how speed hacking looks like. Not just by words. Congrats to the winners and participants
  2. Tried the one with my error, 0x800 something didn't work
  3. Pleases help while I get an error message while trying to launch the launcher "Connection error - Retry? " I've tried through re-installing the launcher and it didn't help, I tried all the links below me still didn't help, please help me "HRESULT: 0x80072EE4"
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