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  1. Hello, Suggestion Name: Speed Limit in different locations Suggestion Description:Im gonna go straight to the subject, for example on c-d road in straight road sections make The speed Limit bigger(130-140) and in curves section reduce it to 80 or so. Crashes wont happen so often because of The curves speed limits. I know this is not NFS but when 150 Limit was on, more players were playing lets be honest. Just like City limitors, but in curves or straight lines and so on. It is very unrealistic if you go with a Scout and you have bunch of trucks in front of you and they are going 110km/h and you cant overtake them. If you The guys that take care of this mod, speed limits Will do my suggestion many players Will come back to tmp. I have a lot of friends Who quitted tmp because of The 110kmh speed Limit. Any example images: n/a Why should it be added?:Increase speed Limit in straight road sections and decrease it in curves sections, Also this Will Increase The players for sure
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