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  1. I'm literally sat here right now in a queue of 195,000 people to book a driving test...


    I have a good feeling I will only be driving on ETS and ATS for a while, help!

  2. Woah, Its been a crazy time!


    I'm back now, its been a wild time recently with lock-down etc and doing a lot of school work from home just building up so much of my time - However, I've finished all of it now!


    I cant' wait to post some more posts on the forums, hope everyone has stayed safe and well <3

  3. Truckers.FM


    Some of you may be aware that I'm a Station Supervisor at TFM - 


    I've recently started bringing people onto my shows, its a really good way to engage with the community!

    I reckon it would be a really good to get some people on from TMP (Players of even staff of TMP Like game moderators) and talk to them about a couple of things on the show!

    This would be a prerecorded call for the show, so we can do it as many times as you would like if we make any mistakes... 

    Would mean a lot, would bring some great content to the show - Feel free to leave a comment or message me on discord.


    Thank you - 





  4. Watchhhhh outtttttttttttttttt - 


    Big Dan will be out on the roads on Sim 1 ;))))

  5. How you allll doinggggg?



    I've been busy recently with a lot of things going on - 


    I'm now working at Costa Coffee as a part time job whilst saving money for flying lessons - 




    Twitch: I've started streaming again on twitch (Twitch.tv/dan_tfm) - Doing a lot of trucking on TMP.... Feel free to come along and show your support ❤️


    Truckers.FM : I'm always live on TFM, Look at the timetable to see when I'm next live....


    Hope everyone is keeping safe and well and I'm sure I will see you out on the roads soon ❤️

    1. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Yeh,Also wish you safety and health!:wub:

  6. Twitch Streaming - 


    Hey All,


    I'm about to go live on Twitch, Will be doing some TMP ETS2.... 


    Be there or be circle.



  7. My First Ever Post on the Forums After Being A Member Since 2017?!?


    Hello All,

    My name is Dan and I've been around in the community for a rather long time now. Some of you lovely lot might recognise my name due to being a Station Moderator at Truckers.FM. Furthermore, I also present on the radio station regularly doing my weekly lot: 'TFMs Favourite Club Classics'. I am also a discord moderator within the Truckers.FM Discord. 


    Talking about Discords ayy?

    I am also a member in the TruckersMPs Discord server, I'm always in there hanging about within the text channels, so if you ever see me then feel free to say 'hiyaaa'. I only speak English though, so its not good if you come to me in another language, I would just have no clue what you're saying lmao...


    Dan, umm - What do you do when you're not on your PC constantly? 

    Yes, I'm not that sad.... I'm not always sat at my desk. I'm currently in year 12 at Sixthform in the UK. Therefore, I'm studying Three A-Levels which are: Psychology, Drama and Media. Also, In the future I would love to become a Commercial Pilot - At the moment I'm doing my Private Pilots Licence Training, then after Sixthform I will hopefully go off to an Airline for training, or my backup which would be University (New Bucks Uni - Buckingham). I have a small Part Time job at my local Escape rooms, yes its very fun! I'm also about to get a job as a Barista at Costa, so if you ever need a Coffee before going on the C-D Road then you know where to go ;)


    What You will Be Seeing on my Forum Profile - 

    On my profile I will be posting a mixture of posts which will hopefully be 'entertaining' for your eyes.... Oh gosh, that just sounds so wrong. I promise it will all be PG. Ranging from photos of my experience on TMP to posts when the TFM Monthly Convoy Happens (That is every month by the way).


    In the future I would love to progress my role within TMP and eventually get to the 'Game Moderator' Role, would be a dream!

    Lastly then, if you have any questions about myself then feel free to ask, or if you're just wondering what the hell I'm doing on here then yet again, feel free to ask...

    Many Thanks and this is my first Forum Post, and hopefully one of many!

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    2. Supreme_TMP


      Congrats on your 1st post :P

    3. Dan_TFM


      Thank You Supreme - 


      It is a bit of an embaressment considering how long I've been playing TMP, and I'm a Station Moderator at Truckers.FM...

      Thank you though and I hope you're doing well!


    4. Julian German

      Julian German

      Hello Dan_TFM


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