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  1. Hello There, I Prefer Normal/Single Trailers Over Double Trailers. This Is Because Of Many Reasons: You Can Go Anywhere You Want With Single Trailers But Not With Double Trailers They Are Cheaper, They Cost A Lot Less Than The Double Trailers You Can Easily Reverse With Singles But It Can Get Tricky With Doubles (Unless You Are A Pro) It Takes More Effort To Haul Them Around As They Are Significantly Bigger I Hope This Answers You Question Correctly. -WOWJ2005
  2. Hello There, On The EU2 Server, There Are Places With Possibly More Than 100 Players (Duisburg, Calais, etc) Which Can Be Quite Stressful In Some Cases. However There Are Some Cities With Sometimes No More Than 15 People (Cities In The UK, France DLC Area, Italy DLC Area, etc) Which Is Normally A Very Calm And Relaxing Drive With A Occasional Truck That Passes By.
  3. Hello There, In My Opinion, I Think The Speed Limiter Should Be 100km/h. This Allows Travelling To Be Safer And Allowing All Speed Limits To Be Reached (Including UK's Speed Limit Of 97km/h) Which Will Cause Less Accidents.
  4. I Drive The Madgeburg To Hannover route, Its Quite Scenic.
  5. Hello There, The Only Dirt Roads I Can Find Are In Scandinavia Which Is A DLC That Some People Cant Access And The Very Short Ones Leading To Quarries. It Would Be A Pleasure For Them To Add More Dirt Roads And It Would Make The Landscape More Visible When Driving Down Them. I Hope SCS Take This Into Consideration And Add This In.
  6. Hello, I Have Not Used Any Cheats And I Have Discovered 19% Of The Map With All The DLCs. I Hope This Answers You Question Correctly.
  7. Hello, There Are A Few Mods Available In The Steam Workshop Which Do Work In MP. One Of Them Is The Cement Mixer. You Take The Delivery Of One In Singleplayer And Then Go Onto Multiplayer And Click Continue On The Mod Warning And You Should Still Have The Trailer. I Hope This Will Be Useful To You.
  8. ^But In The Game, That's How It Works. You Can See Where Black And Red Are Going The Are Yield Sign Which Apply To Them. XD
  9. JoshyPlays

    ETS 2

    This Is Due To The Mass Of Congestion In EU2 And EU3 Which Has Cause EU5 To Have Been Opened As A 'Non-Busy' Server
  10. This Is A Problem That Needs To Be Sorted Out. Here Is A Diagram Of How It Is Supposed To Work. Black - C-D Traffic Heading West - Has To Yield/Give Way To Blue Red - C-D Traffic Heading East - Has To Yield/Give Way To Blue Blue - Traffic Coming Off Slip Road - Has Right Of Way Over Red And Black Green - Traffic Going Onto Highway - Regulations End For Green Yellow - Normal Highway Traffic - None Of These Regulations Apply To Yellow Pink - Yield Signs - Red And Black Have To Stop Here For Blue Grey - End Of Regulations - None Of These Regulations Apply At This Point I Hope This Is A Simple And Easy Diagram Which I Don't Expect To Be Seen By People But I Might As Well Mention It.
  11. This Isnt A Big Problem But I Would like To Have A Rule About Horn Spamming In Section 2 And Not Hidden away in Section 1
  12. This Is Just A Suggestion And Is Likely Not Going To Be Seen By Lots Of People But I Was Just Asking If It Was A Good Idea.
  13. I Can Almost Do It! I Found That The B-Doubles Are Easier Than The Doubles.
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