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  1. @andy Suter Yeah it does, at least in my opinion ! Im using the New Scania though. But i like it :)
  2. @SalePro Sure. Im only about turning the interior sound louder. Thanks for the information ! :)
  3. My God that is just what i always wanted ! Is it allowed to do that in multiplayer ?
  4. Realistic Wear of the Trucks. I posted about this already here I´d love to see Tire Bursts and Mechanical Failures when the Trucks reach a certain mileage.
  5. Very good point. Yeah, Tire bursts would be a good addition !
  6. Maybe it was suggested already but ill give it a try and look if i can send them the ideas.
  7. Hello fellow Truckers, A couple of days ago something crossed my mind which i hope that SCS is implementing at some point even though chances are very low. If you think about it, your always in and with your Truck in ATS and ETS. You spend the whole Game Time in your Cabin. But what if things like Mechanical Repairs could be done in the Workshops or even the Garages ? I know we have Damage but like, in a way where you actually break a part and it needs to be fixed. Also, maybe Oilchange intervals and that its possible, if Seasons gets implemented that you got to change Tires. I always look at the Dashboard of my Truck and somehow you really dont need to worry about anything exept your fuel and the brake pressure. Mechanical Failures could also be realistic at some point. They could make it optional just like the Rain and Road Events so people can decide if they want more Realism or just the way its been before. What are your thoughts on that ? Its just something which i think could be fun.
  8. No question for me. Red Light = Stop.
  9. Yesss i am almost every weekend there
  10. Thanks to the whole team and community ! Obviously Good Luck to everyone
  11. There was a truck game which took place in Australia, it was named something about 'extreme trucker'. I cant quite remember the name. Was a lot of fun though !
  12. I was driving the car myself the past days just to mix it a bit up for myself since trucking got a bit boring. I was in the near of C - D and got rammed for obeying the speed limit in my car. Sounds ridiculous but the same thing in Denmark. I drive 110, Trucks come at me, honk and overtake or even ram me off the street. I was just trying to be realistic by being in the speed limit. :/
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