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  1. Enjoy your all time

  2. Alas.. i hate myself because i don't early joined this forum!!!:(:(:( 

  3. That's funny!!!

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    2. FireHole


      @Caernage Hahahhh I just boring so whatever wrote that..  I have a lot spare time in the online. 

  4. Nope, sometimes i see they're going on a red lights then i'll trying following them, result it doesn't not fee, but actually my here displaying a red lights, Hahahh But that's okay!
  5. In system will be mentions to you. if you don't opened lights, will be kicked out.
  6. Thanks that's good for players, and very easy finding friend are where on.
  7. Yeah sometimes traffic lights not sycn, because i tried a that,does not cost money on red light.
  8. Maybe that's good anyone, if someone like it
  9. Yeah, I driving 579
  10. Don't worry about it, if you wanna playing like realistic. So you can respect speed limit and traffic lights. So, you stopped on the red light is good for you. not bad. so go ahead do not worry happening, if you following of the rules. have a good your travels on Online
  11. Scania max engine is 730HP Volov max engine is 750HP So it's currently fastest truck is Volov I am using the Volov now.
  12. Sometimes i will to do it. I always driving with 200 - 220 km/h. But i thought when i using G29 & Shiffter is very easy control. Of cource , also i am following the rules to playing this game.
  13. Actually no GPS someone i do not driving that.(Because i will disabled F5, GPS show in the truck). Yeah it don't show F5 seems feel it is realistic driving.
  14. I have 40 drives in ETS2, also i have 1 drives in ATS. Because ETS2 playing more than ATS.
  15. I always with rules to the game. Red light i am basically will be stopped on the road.
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