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  1. Hey, quick question. I'm not able to apply for any position, this is due to my bans but they were 2 years ago. Is there any chance to avoid this problem and apply for a position as I'm really interested. Kind regards Arne
  2. I'll go with Scania and Volvo
  3. It has been answered, thanks for the help!!
  4. So I see all the others upload 5-6 pictures at once. But when I want to select a picture, it says that the imagesize (kb) is too big. Is there a solution to that? Kind Regards Arne
  5. I have really changed (probably to do with my age). Back in 2017-2018, I just played it to troll other people (which leaded in 4 bans ). Now that I'm grown up, I take it way more serieus and I'm in a VTC .
  6. Yeah, I understand that, it's a little expensive when you are on your own. It's focused on 2 different auddiences.
  7. Oh okayy, but ye for now I'm good with Spotify. I'm in a familyabo and it's literally like 2 - 3 euros a month. So can't complain
  8. Is that any good? I've heard a lot about it but always stayed with Spotify . Is it worth it switching?
  9. Arne.


    I'm in a VTC at the moment. But it's not a strict VTC, I can drive with whoever I want and when I want. We just need a respectable amount of jobs in a month but that's it actually. This is perfect for me because I still want to drive with other people which are not in a VTC.
  10. So, I'll probably go with the scania, because good looks and good performance. But atm I drive only with the Volvo and I must say it's not bad either actually.
  11. I listen to my favorite podcast or I listen to my favorite music on Spotify!
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