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  1. A very ridiculous mistake. Fix command has 10 minutes cooldown. So, If you going with 100-150km/h, Duisburg, Calais will take 10-15 minutes. You have only 1 fix chance in the place where the game is crowded. Please, NO COOLDOWN.
  2. I think, /fix command is really great idea. But have some problems. I can be good driver with skoda. The Skoda vehicle has been added to the game by you. So, not my problem. If you can't control these vehicles delete from game OR make fix command for everyone. No damage mods are not allowed by team. So, no damage mods can save us everytime. But fix command has cooldown. Think this: I'm really good driver. I'm going on my way with trailer. Some guy rammed to me. And I can't write /fix command because of cooldown. I have to go F7 or I have to block way and wait on way. Remove cooldown or reduce the cooldown time like 1-2 mins, If you want solve problems.
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