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  1. Please remember to leave a comment and what your thoughts are. I hope this worked out for you
  2. Have you ever wondered why you're computer is slow. Do you want to make your computer faster like when you bought it. You have come to the right place. There are a lot of reasons why your computer is slow. Maybe it's old, Not up to date, Or even it's just struggling to respond when you need it to. I have had the same problem like all of you had. Not quick, slow, and even freezing, Today I am going to help you with all you're problems. First let me introduce my self. My name is Jeremy. I have been with the truckersMP community Since Oct 6 2017. I have helped many people. Now I must help you. To make all your pain and suffering of your computer being slow. Please begin to Erase all the junk that is in you're computer. #Step One. Cleaning junk files. Please begin to clean your junk files. All you will need to do for this step is begin to Press Windows key +R/ Or go in your search and type run. This will begin to give you a little dialog saying Run, In that dialog, Begin to type Prefetch. This will give you a Folder including junk files. You will have to begin by Clicking continue and running it as Administrator. In that Folder Please delete unnecessary junk that has been building up on your computer for ages. After you have deleted the junk. you will notice that your computer is more responsive. #Step 2. The next junk folder you will be given is TEMP. It is the same as before. Press Windows key +R/ or type in search run. In the run dialog continue by typing TEMP. This Temp folder Will give you all the junk that has built up after a long period of time. Please continue by deleting everything in the folder. #Final Step to making your computer running like new. Same as before open run, Type in run Dialog %temp%. In this folder you were given were junk files and internet junk that is unnecessary to have. Continue by deleting everything in the folder. If you have liked this tutorial. Please follow me on the fourm. Thank you for viewing this and I hope you enjoyed it also. See you next time. Feel free to message me if you have a computer problem. So we can get it resolved. Until next time See you later. One more then when you are done. Empty your recycle bin.... Alright Bye now
  3. Looks good the picture 

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