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  1. Did you guys already get the badge for completing event? I'm still waiting, anyone?
  2. I completed in 2 hours alone and it was my first time participating. If you wonder how it went you can check the video.
  3. As a lonely player with no friends and no help :( it took me 2 hours and 10 mins to complete this event. I think it would take 30-60 min for a winner with coordination and group of players helping each other
  4. Event starts at 16:00 UTC , but first Egg will be visible from 16:30 UTC, what are we gonna do first 30 mins?
  5. Will "Eggs" spawn inside or in very close (couple meters/yards) proximity from cities?
  6. Your post made me even more sad. I didn't know there was the same problem last year. I'm starting to have trust issues with these events now. I agree with everything you mentioned. It didn't matter if i lost during qualifications or won the whole thing, i feel so betrayed and shit can't even describe.
  7. You weren't prepared well enough for the event, many players (including me) were left heartbroken, many hours of practice and waiting to get picked wasted. Not giving everyone the chance to qualify was a BIG mistake, better solution would have been to "filter" players by conducting extra races the second day and choosing best ones among the best, so you still have 48 qualifiers, instead of what you did. There were around 400 waiting at Amsterdam LKW when event started and 150 left when it got closed.I was there the whole time and can 100% say that , player numbers were increasing or staying same time to time, which means new ones were joining midway of the event and numbers were massive, i won't be surprised that you actually managed to let 400 or more people race. But it's not fair , when a newcomer was given the chance to race who joined 1-2 hours late and we didn't who were there from the start. In the event announcement post you stated time when everyone had to be online, so you better keep track of players who follows rules and try to distinguish ones who don't. You can create sign up system for the next racing event, that way you can set max limit for participants and who signs up in time will have the chance to participate with others who don't as backup. You can also somehow lockdown the "waiting area" so new players can't join after the event starts
  8. Is it possible to get prize money in PayPal instead of steam gift card form?
  9. Thank you guys for replying,I have one more thing to clarify If i got it right,in your example above on 2nd January the first ban got yellow ,but other 3 still were green.What will happen if 12 month pass from 4th ban not first. let's say i got banned 4 times in 1 month period,after that i did not receive any bans for 2 years,but got banned again 2 years after my 4th ban.What punishment should i get?
  10. Yeah i have read the rules,but because of language barrier i still have some questions left... 1: If i don't get banned during 12 month after my recent ban,does this mean all my previous bans are "deleted" and i start fresh like i have zero bans?for example:i got my 4th ban and i played clean 1 year after that,but got banned again.Does this mean it's my 5th ban or my first? 2: I completely don't understand this part "If you have at least two history bans of the same length in your ban history, Game Moderators may extend your ban to the next ban history length, regardless of how many bans you have had in the last year. For example, if you have already had two 1-month bans, your next ban can be extended to 3 months. If you have two 3-month bans, your ban can be extended to perm. Note that bans that are extended due to it being your 4th, 5th or 6th ban cannot be removed, they are strictly 1 month, 3 months and permanent." Could you give me an example please?
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