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  1. unfortunately too late to refund my game and dlcs on steam since I have no use for it anymore except for waiting for infinitytruckers
  2. amen. I don't even bother playing anymore. Last time I tried going c-d I had to F7 back to service for like 5 times because people crashed into me and made my truck flip over. Maybe my fault for using double trailers, which makes it even harder for people to overtake me, but they'll try anyway no matter if I go 109kph already.
  3. then combine the 2 arcade servers into 1 and enable collisions and see what kind of style is more popular, simulation or arcade, and leave 1 freeroam server with no collisions where people can jump off bridges or do barrel rolls or whatever..sure youre right, thats why i play on sim#1 as well but I'm already tired of going 110 on empty highways outside of c-d without anything happening and without meeting anyone in 10 minutes
  4. basically everything except for c-d area is dead empty, so yea thats what its based on. And why was EU#2 and #3 100% full and EU#1 wasn't? Everything except for c-d got boring, hence even more players go there. trolls will ram and drive recklessly no matter what, even if you implement a 50 speedlimit. people that prefer the simulation aspect could go on eu#1 and people that didn't could go on eu#2, now we're just thrown into a pot together
  5. as you have mentioned: eu#1 was empty because most of the playerbase did enjoy eu #2. Those people who would want a speed limit and a simulation server in general could go on #1 and the rest of us could play on #2. Last night 170 people were stuck in duisburg service, huge traffic jams, lots of blocking and illegal overtaking included. it literally took 1 hour to get from the gas station outside of duisburg to the service station. Worse than I've seen on #2
  6. ^this. Plus speedlimit won't stop trolls, they will ram you with 110kmh or 150kmh, they don't care
  7. No, it's supposed to be a driving simulator and not a going forward/accelerating simulator The thing that made me enjoy tmp is being in traffic and also watching out for other players, but when the road is empty I wanna reach my destination as fast as possible and not "wasting" hours of real time on sitting on empty motorways going 110 without anything happening. And driving through other players without any kind of interaction whatsoever just ruins the immersion of the whole game but so does going 110 on empty roads for ages. 110kph ingame doesn't nearly feel as 100kph in reality, it feels more like 50kph
  8. on almost empty servers with no need to ever brake except for sharp corners? seems pointless. you also can do that in singleplayer where you have traffic. And driving 110 on entire empty highways seems also pointless to me. Sure its supposed to be a realistic simulator but the roads aren't empty in reality either.
  9. well there always has been a simulation server which was empty all the time.. now they're forcing the casual gamers into it
  10. mind that there was no speed limit whatsoever in the beginning, i could go 170 km/h on empty roads and yet we still have rammers and trolls now with the speedlimit enabled. If the server back in 2014 was as populated as it is now (~2000-2700 slots back then - 4200 now) you would have gotten 5000 reports daily aswell. the speedlimit doesn't help at all, people will still try to overtake even if theyre only 5 kmh faster than you, IMO this update leads to more crashes as people can't overtake as fast as they used to and crash into oncoming traffic...
  11. I think you just should close #arcade1 and #arcade2 servers and open up one arcade server with 4200 slots and no speed limit/ 150kmh speed limit and collisions enabled (like EU2 used to be) in exchange and keep sim 1 as it is right now. So everyone would be happy
  12. now as the speed limit is locked on 110 km/h, I assume even more people will drive on c-d roads as driving on empty highways on slow 110km/h for hours gets boring very soon, so people will still be stuck in traffic and also people will continue to overtake in crowded areas. So I think everything will be the same as it used to be, just the ones that actually drive outside of c-d area will be the losers as they're forced to go a slow 110km/h on empty roads. On the other hand, arcade servers will stay empty as there is no traffic with no collisions enabled and it's no fun going 160km/h without ever slowing down and without watching for other drivers as you can just drive through them instead of braking and slowing down, it just feels pointless. I get it's supposed to be a simulation, but people will still continue to troll and drive recklessly no matter if there is a 50/90/110/150km/h or no speed limit at all. IMO tmp did themselves no favor with those changes.
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