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  1. Happy Birthday :)

  2. Finally tollgates synced.Nice!
  3. sorin


    This is very annoying if you want to play with your volum up, rip headphones...
  4. sorin


    Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: keyboard Description of Issue: The other player's truck engine sounds louder when you are on interior camera, like you hear it from exterior. How to reproduce: Drive around Screenshots / Videos: None.
  5. I think people should decide what they want, when speed limiter was added the community complained, now when it was removed, complain again. How can developers to please everyone? I honestly think EU1 server have more players because of collisions not because of the speed limiter.
  6. Very well written. I'm sure that mwl4 will take care the mod in the future, and we'll enjoy the game as before. Thank you mwl4!
  7. I don't think you can stop that snowing effect, this is actually the weather synchronization at this moment. Maybe I'm wrong..
  8. Nice update. In Berlin service station have collisions also
  9. sorin

    0.1.2 R2 Alpha

    //sorry for that, not my fault...
  10. sorin

    0.1.2 R2 Alpha

    It's a little weird, for example if I have winter mod activated, sometimes I can't see lines on the road, I think if someone, with winter mode off, driving behind me, will think I am crazy.
  11. sorin

    0.1.1 Alpha

    504 Gateway Time-out
  12. My name is Sorin, I have 19 years old, I am from Romania, studying industrial engineering at the University Politehnica of Bucharest. I hope the new forum to work at least as well as the old forum.
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