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  1. Happy birthday ?????

  2. Didn't the servers on Euro Truck Sim 2 have 5000 some time a while ago?
  3. so if this did happen not that ive clicked on anything but whats the best way to go about removing something what antivirus or things do i use to clean the computer the best
  4. separnz

    Ets2 crash

    game.log.txt failed to upload however her is last_crash.log last_crash.log
  5. separnz

    Ets2 crash

    when i alt tab to do other things on my computer the game allays crashes can anyone help? thanks joseph
  6. i know this is a dlc but this kind of comes under excessive modding in a way
  7. separnz


    Is there any way to wipe you bans of over a year ago or have a clean slate as i played this game when i was young and stupid but want to look more professional within my driving Thanks Joseph
  8. being in jero trans we have people in difrent countries using different speed limits and see this all the time as 60mph = 97 km so if there going at 60mph i sent mine to 97 km and that keeps us together otherwise id always be having to apply the brakes
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