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Implement the Grimes New Summer Graphics/Weather Mod into TruckersMP

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Suggestion Name: New Summer Graphics/Weather Mod by Grimes for TruckersMP

Suggestion Description: Like it was previously done with the Grimes Winter and Spring mod, I would appreciate it if you would consider also implementing his New Summer Graphics/Weather mod (https://grimesmods.wordpress.com/2017/05/16/new-summer-environment/)

Any example images: Can be seen on the website that is linked above

Why should it be added?: I know, we actually have summer in the game the whole time, so you could think it's not so necessary to implement a summer mod. But the mod brings some changes that do make it (in my opinion) much more enjoyable. For example, I love the new roads from the spring mod. It does make the whole game in older, not updated areas much more enjoyable. This also appears in the summer mod. It also changes many other textures and also the weather environment. So it really updates many things that are still missing. I love the spring mod and the changes that it brings to the game. I would miss it if you would just delete it without an alternative. Please think about it.

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