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Turkish Language for Support System


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Suggestion Name: Turkish Language for Support System


Suggestion Description: You know that there are too many Turkish players in the game. There is a Turkish language all over the website, but not in the Support System. Turkish language should be added to the support system. I'm not saying this because I'm Turkish, but there are really a lot of Turkish players. And Turkish language should be added to the support language.


Why should it be added?: Since Turkish players are so many and there are Turkish languages all over the website, they should be added to the Support System.


Sample Pictures: None / Not Found.


For example: Most Turkish players like me have a hard time expressing their problems in English. Translations are wrong and cannot fully explain their problems. But when they are Turkish, they can easily explain their problems like me.



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Language support is based on availability of speakers of the language in the team. If your language isn't listed, it most likely means we do not have a Turkish Supporter.

The languages will be added back once we have enough people to support it.



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