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After playing 1/2 minutes i am getting kicked for unreliable connection.I cleared my DNS cache and i connected to google DNS server. i run Truckermp with administrator.After doing all these these i am getting kicked from server.It only happens with Simulation 1. When i connect with a VPN i never get kicked but my ping rises high.
Help me...

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Hello there!

Please, try the following solutions:


> Avoid using Wi-Fi.
> Avoid uploading or downloading and playing MP at the same time.
> Avoid doing Windows Updates at the same time.
> Avoid having too many users or devices at the same time into your network.
> Avoid using streaming services at the same time.
> Check your firewall settings into your router/switch.
> Prefer using servers nearest to your location.
> Try to talk with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and see if you can come up with a solution. Ask your ISP if they support internet profiles such as Fast path or Interleave and ask for Interleave. Interleave will raise your ping but it will do more packet checks by your ISP.


And the best solution is that you have better internet.


Kind Regards,
Sabbi [GER]
TruckersMP - Support

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Hello there, :) 

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