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Loading TruckersMP profile avatar in game


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Suggestion Name: Loading TruckersMP profile avatar in game

Suggestion Description: Show TruckersMP profile avatar that is visible for others nearby

Any example images: N/A

Why should it be added?: Steam is a very huge gaming platform, which includes tons of the gaming-related communities for both multiplayer games and singleplayer games. Thus, like the VTC from the TruckersMP community, many of the community have their unique logos as the requirement for members to use in game. As a result, due to TruckersMP is using steam avatar to be shown in game, it comes to a dilemma for one existing in many steam-related gaming communities determining which one should be set as the steam avatar. It will definitely be awkward if one uses the VTC logo to join other multiplayer games with others having no ideas with VTC. Hence, if the avatar is only limited to the TruckersMP profile, it will eliminate many confuses from TruckersMP players to choose their avatars.

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Thank you for making this suggestion! Because a very similar suggestion was recently accepted by one of our Developers CJMAXiK with a quote: 


We do have a plans to do so, however, there are many technical difficulties to solve as well as money concerns.

The thread can be found here:

This suggestion will also be moved to accepted. 


However, in the future please remember to first check if your idea wasn't suggested before, to not create duplicate topics. 


Kind regards, 

Chris [PL] TruckersMP Community Moderator



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