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[Dev]in game CB Radio ability to map functions to buttons/keys

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Suggestion Name: Ability to Map joystick buttons to Citizens Band (CB) functions

Suggestion Description: I would like the ability to map a joystick (Or Keyboard) button to the following TruckersMP functions.

1. Power On/Off CB Radio

2. Volume up / Down of CB Radio

3. Switch Channel (Up/down)  of CB Radio

Any example images: I am not sure how I would provide photos. I think it is a code modification.

Why should it be added?: I think the CB radio is a great function of the TruckersMP program. Adding these features will add to the usability and enjoyment of the program/CB. Many of us have button boxes that have rotary encoders and these functions can be mapped to that to increase the realism. In the past week I have had a desire to turn off the CB and the ability to turn it back on easily when needed.  I would like to be able to change channels on the fly. I think that would increase the usage of the CB in game and greatly increase the versatility and the immersion of the simulation aspect of TruckersMP. 


Thank you for your consideration

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