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Suggestion Name: HUD (Heads Up Display) Map.

Suggestion Description: This is a suggestion for a transparent map display on the screen. In TMP, you need to stop and press M to see the large map. Unlike single player, it doesn't allow you to see the map without stopping. So imagine a scenario, where you are in a convoy with 20+ players and one of your friends got lost or was late and wants to join you  You need to provide your exact location, name the nearest city and the number of the road you are currently driving on.. However the small map on the bottom right doesn't show the city's name even in the most zoomed out mode. Also, you can't see the number of the road in the small map. Then you have to stop, open the large map and give the information to your friend. Instead of that, having a transparent map appear when you press or hold a button is much more beneficial. Please check the example image to better understand the suggestion.

Example Image:




Why should it be added?: It makes it easier to provide your location and route to another player. It eliminates the need to stop and fall behind the convoy.

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