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I got a problem with TruckersMP



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I find your video too unclear.

I just looked it up, but without result.

Can you provide us with a little more information, concerns your problem?


Perhaps your problem, Unreliable connection?

Let me know.


Unreliable Connection kick happens mainly when your PC/Internet can't load so many players near you.


In order not to get kicked for that reason, from my personal experience, I recommend you not to load in high population areas such as Calais, Duisburg, Lille, Amsterdam and etc.

The best place to spawn is on an empty road, a bit far from the city, so there is a less chance to spawn near the busy places where your PC/Internet can't load that many players at once.

When you’re at the main menu travel to a different city like Glasgow for example that is less busy and then connect. After connecting to the server go back to the city you wanted to go in the first place and you’ll be fine. 




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Hello there! :)


Your topic has been inactive for 5 days since the last reply.
Because of Inactivity, I will have to move this topic to Inactive Topics.
If you still have any questions about this, feel free to DM me or our Support Team members and we will open this Topic again.
Thanks to all for participation!


Kind regards


TruckersMP Support


//Locked and Moved to Inactive


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