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Joystick brake and gas pedal linearity


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im playing with a ps4 joystick, its very fun. as you know we use r2 and l2 for brakes and gas. but the thing is r2 and l2 buttons are lighter at the start and after a certain point(%20-%30) they get heavier, because of this resistance difference i often find myself breaking or accelerating harder than i want. A linearity option in the control menu, just under the dead zone axis would be really amazing. BeamNG has it so maybe ets2 can have it too? :)


edit: steering already has a linearity option so i assume it wouldnt be too hard to do the same for gas and brake :D

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Hello @theblitz707,


Thank you for taking your time, writing this suggestion. 


Unfortunately, because it's not related to our modification, but the base game, it will now be rejected. 


We encourage you to write this suggestion on the official SCS Software forum! 


Kind regards, 

Chris [PL] TruckersMP Community Moderator




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