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HUD Player Panel

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Suggestion Name: Hud Player Panel

Suggestion Description: As in many games the insertion of a specific Hud for each player allows the identification, its correctness / incorrectness and how to dialogue with him, all intuitively at a glance.

Any example images: MQtFz34.jpg or: m4AKMjC.jpg or without banned user logo: 3JHOgmh.jpg

Why should it be added?: Many have asked and I feel that they want to understand what nationality a user is, this "hud" works easily, by going in order we could see, nationality, its level of online experience (N = Novice and E = Expert) (a sympathetic parameter would be 100 hours in up = Expert), the third icon should be applied only if that user has received a last year bann. All this would allow us to interact better with everyone, understanding with what language, if we can help or if we can receive advice, while the ban notice, helps us to be biased on that user's guide and maybe avoid possible collisions that he seeks and that thanks to the warning we are ready to dodge. I hope this suggestion can help and please the community, it should be placed either above or below the nikname, but for simpler and more total control, having it on the TAB would be great.

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