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Drivers looking for companies section

andy Suter

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Suggestion Name: 

section for drivers to advertise when they are looking to join a company.


Suggestion Description:

Add maybe a template to fill in so people can see the sort of driver you are and what your looking for and then let interested companies contact you.


Why should it be added?

System works well on other games i play - looking for group - type thing

Having tried the current way, ive applied to lots of companies, been accepted only to find they arent the sort of thing im looking for so i leave again.

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Hello andy Suter,


Due to the fact that the VTC forum sections will disappear soon, our Community Moderation Managers see no reason for a complete new section for your idea to be opened up. There are plenty of ways to find a VTC for yourself, and it only requires you to put in a little bit of effort. Most VTCs have their own website with information about the VTC it self, and you can of course talk to some people who are in the VTC to see whether you'd like to join or not. 


Thank you nevertheless for taking your time to suggest your idea.



tfmpillow | Retired Team Member

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