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Partnership with Engine Voice Records?

Lil Sync

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Suggestion Name: Engine Voice Records (https://enginevoicerecords.com/)


Suggestion Description: Those sound mods made by Vasily EVR makes the driving experience even more realistic. Because of the high quality you'll feel like your in a real truck. It's way better than the original sound files from SCS Software.


Any example images: 


Why should it be added?: Why not? It sounds better, most of the trucks are covered from EVR and the file sizes are small ~10 MBs. Since TruckersMP gains money from their patrons it'd be a nice investment to improve the multiplayer. EVR mods are always up to date and you could make every sound optional to download.


Sry if it's posted on the wrong forum.

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Hello @Lil Sync,

Thank you so much for this suggestion, however, due to several reason we are going to decline it at this time. I use EVR myself in single player and I just love them and wish they were on TruckersMP. However, the application of this mod is not quiet practical at this time for multiplayer. First of all, each truck sound file is usually pretty large (~30mb) We can't expect all players to purchase and/or use these sounds because of that. That means there is no way for players that do not have this mod installed to hear sounds correctly. As in you would hear sound but they would hear nothing since they don't have the files. Therefore, that makes this completely impractical to be used. Also, one last thing, SCS is planning on changing and upgrading the sound system this year so hopefully things will get better on its own. After that and with some programs changes we could revisit this suggestion again.

// Rejected

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