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Simulation 2 speed limiter increase

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Suggestion Name: Sim 2 speed limit increase

Suggestion Description:This topic contains a proposal to increase the speed limit to 150km/h on Simulation 2 ETS2. 

If this was enacted the server speed limit on EST2 simulation 2 server would be increased to 150km/h.

Any example images: 


Why should it be added?: I think we all love to go fast, and by being responsible and keeping an eye on the GPS/satnav you can slow to avoid causing accidents. Let's be responsible and consider increasing the speed limit on sim 2! For people who want the more authentic low speed they can still play on server #1


Thank you for reading this. See you on the road!


edited to fix format. thanks again!

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Thank you for your suggestion.

But as you may have seen in the past, driving at 150 km/h causes a lot crashes and dangerous situations.

We do not plan to revert our "Road to Simulation" update. ATS and ETS2 are simulators, not racing games. You are not allowed to drive faster than 105 km/h with a truck in any European country. Driving at a high speed can cause accidents and is dangerous. I have written a Knowledge Base article here which may help you understanding our change: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/574


Thanks for your understanding.



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