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Adding more donation options.

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Suggestion Name: Creating other methods to donate.

Suggestion Description: I tried to donate but my payment gets rejected for some issues. But honestly, I use to shop online and pay other online merchants easily with my Bank A/c & Card. Here I saw only two PayPal option, even tho I tried to pay directly by Card it still gets interfered by PayPal. I suggest other options, like domestic wallets, direct pay by card, CCAvenue. Just like Steam has. We can pay directly by our card without any problems. This will help both the sides, the developers of this masterpiece ETS2 Multiplayer and the players who really love it. As we all know actions speak louder than words, donating excels shouting that "I love this, I love that". I also believe such a problem faced by other people around the globe will be solved by this.

Any example images: I believe the description is clear enough.

Why should it be added?: Those who want to donate can donate! Donation funds keep flowing, ETS2 MP LIVES LONGER!


Thanks for sparing your time in reading my suggestion. I wish this suggestion gets implemented. I myself willing to donate in the first place as soon as it gets implemented.

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