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TrucksBook Speed Miles Explained For MP

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If you are new to the trucking sims, and are a member of a virtual truck company (VTC), you may be logging your jobs from the TruckersMP servers with your company members using TrucksBook.  For jobs to log properly in regards to global rankings, here are a few things to know:


If you run a job at 80mph or higher, you log race miles. If you run a full job at race miles, you still get your xp and payout, however it hurts the company standings in the global rankings on TrucksBook. We found setting your cruise at 75mph is ideal even when you get to downhill areas. If you happen to hit 80mph a couple of times briefly, it won't hurt you on the global ranking but as said, if you run the majority or entirety of the job on race mile speed, it will. This may be why some of you haven't seen your miles logged in the company stats because most likely you were running at 80 or higher. So make sure you don't hit 80 or higher.


Here's another explanation as to how it works from TrucksBook, including the ETS2 speeds:


Based on the maximal reached speed, the job is assigned to specific statistics. If the user wants their job delivery to be included in the "real" statistics, they may not exceed the speed of 100 kph (62 mph) in ETS2 or 130 kph (80 mph) in ATS, otherwise it will be included in the "race" statistics. At the same time, the maximal allowed speed during active job delivery is 180 kph (112 mph). If this speed is exceeded, the job delivery will not be included in the statistics at all.


Hope this helps.  Our company has come across many on TruckersMP who didn't understand completely how it worked so I figured I would post up here for the MP community.

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