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Revamp general overtaking rules


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Suggestion Name: Revamp general overtaking rules

Suggestion Description: As it stands, the current overtaking rules do not seem to work as effectively or as efficiently as they should and so I feel I have a solution to aid all drivers.

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Why should it be added?: As we all know by now, the leading cause of most carnage and annoyance is people being extremely impatient and attempting to overtake when it is clearly not clear to do so. So, as someone who has fallen victim to many wrecks caused by dangerous overtaking, I feel that the rules on overtaking should be made more defined and punishments made more severe to counteract these issues. 


For a start, safe overtaking distances should be extended to at least 2 truck lengths before the overtaking vehicle should signal and move back into the correct lane, a lot of drivers seem to feel cutting immediately back in is better than hanging out in the opposite lane of traffic.


Secondly, on roads such as Calais-Duisburg, any overtaking should only take place in areas where the road is clear marked with a dashed or broken centre line, much like in real life, this marking represents the optimal area for overtaking where road conditions and visibility is at its best. 


Speaking of the C-D road, overtaking should be limited to areas where there are clear sight lines of oncoming traffic without sharp corners.


For those being overtaken, especially on small roads like C-D, maintaining a consistent speed and moving over near the outer part of the lane nearest to guardrails and grass verges is recommended, mostly because when someone inevitably overtakes at the wrong time, having breathing room between you and them as well as a potential escape route will reduce chances of damage or being flipped or glitched out by any impacts sustained. 


Now, as for punishments, improper overtaking should be considered as a high priority, seeing as it is one of the leading causes of pile ups and dangerous that are attached to such situations. If someone is found to be overtaking dangerously and consistently causing accidents, the punishment should be an immediate 7 day ban.


If someone overtakes by off-roading through the grass and they are NOT avoiding a collision but performing an overtaking, this should be punished with admin discretion depending on the immediate dangers at that time, ranging from kick to 3 day ban.


Now to to clear up a few discrepancies I have noticed with punishments associated with dangerous overtaking and reckless driving, as long as someone isn’t causing an accident or is avoiding some sort of collision that happens ahead of them and they avoid said incident by overtaking, no punishment should be applied, if said person avoids an accident that they could stop for, for example, a accident that has already cause a small traffic jam with trucks queued up, then the person should be punished for unsafe overtaking.


i hope you take my suggestion into consideration and if there are any amendments or additional rules/regulations imposed upon this subject, feel free to discuss.

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I believe the rule already covers your points.

§2.4 - Incorrect Way / Inappropriate Overtaking*

Driving the incorrect way down a road. Overtaking or undertaking (On the grass) another player in an area of extremely low FPS and/or in areas with large amounts of traffic, (CD Road) overtaking resulting in an accident or anything similar.(On a corner or anything like this)  This also includes overtaking on any one-lane in each direction road where there is excessive traffic such as a traffic jam. Areas with a large amount of traffic are considered to be 25+ players.


Bans are placed accordingly with the offence committed. 

Additionally this rule fits;


Rules marked with an Asterisk (*) do not apply on servers with '[Freeroam]' in their title. Traffic laws and road signage must be obeyed. This means European road laws and signage must be followed in ETS2 and American road laws and signage must be followed in ATS. Failure to adhere to the respective road laws and signage could result in a ban.





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