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event trailers



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Hello :)

Are you sure your profile connect to World of Trucks ?

If not, you can connect here: https://www.worldoftrucks.com/


And, you cannot find it in freight market, you must find it in External contracts


Also, you can on;y find them in these places:

  • from Prague: Buggyra Racing - Adam Lacko + Oliver Janes
  • from Mannheim: Team Hahn Racing - Jochen Hahn
  • from Stuttgart: Team Schwabentruck - Stephanie Halm
  • from Munich: Truck Sport Lutz Bernau - Antonio Albacete
  • from Berlin: Reboconort Truck Racing Team - Eduardo Rodrigues
  • from Bremen: SL Trucksport - Sascha Lenz
  • from Cologne: Team Reinert Racing - René Reinert
  • from Bratislava: Tankpool 24 Racing - Norbert Kiss
  • from Frankfurt am Main: Don't Touch Racing - André Kursim
  • from Amsterdam: EK Truck Race - Erwin Kleinnagelvoort
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Hello, I see that you confirmed above that your problem has been resolved, I will be moving this topic to the solved topics section.

Thank you all for help!


// Closed and moved to solved.

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