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[REJECTED] How to get your flipped truck back up again without teleporting to service

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During this recent one truck family event it can be very frustrating to have a troll/hacker knock you over when you travelled over 500 km and then you have to restart the job completely. There's no f7 to service (why scs?!?!?!?) or loading a save (also why?????) during a WoT job so I found this trick to put yourself back up again. 


1) Firstly exit the game quickly if you're in heavy traffic or else the admins will kick you and teleport you to service which will cancel your job and then go into singleplayer.

2) Open the console. If you don't have console enabled already you will need to enable it first. There are plenty of videos on how to do this. 

3) Put "g_truck_stability" setting to 10 for about 3 seconds until it puts yourself back up again.

4) Once you're back up quickly put that setting back to 0.5.

5) Enjoy not having to restart your job completely over a troll!


I would highly recommend doing these jobs in singleplayer so there's no dealing with these huge traffic jams.






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