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Own paintjob on MP

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Suggestion Name: Own truck and trailer paintjob on mp


Suggestion Description: asking about own paintjob option on truckersmp


Example image:



Why it should be added?:  mp support only default and dlc paintjobs, which make it a bit boring cause most of players dont want to buy all paintjob dlcs but they want to have original truck- and effect is all avalible tuning slots used to install horns, beacons, lights, etc. also VTC. most of VTC has got paintjobs  but they cant use them on mp and need to make special  paint for mp,  movie fans - like fans of Initial D , streamers- trailer can be painted in channel name and profile photo

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Guest Averazon

Hello @Sprinter Trueno


Thank you a lot for your suggestion! You are awesome to help our community grow! <3


Though, this suggestion is made very frequent. Before posting a suggestion we always recommend to use the search option to avoid it already being suggested before. :) You can find more info on how to use the search tool here


Your suggestion:


Add company skins:
If we were to add every VTC's skin, the download would be quite big, it would also have to be maintained over a long period of time and would add complexities to the testing process.


Thank you again for your suggestion though!


If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact me


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