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Auto kick in doubles restricted area

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Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2
Mod Version: Version
Controllers Used: PS 3 controller

Description of Issue: If you are connected to a HCT trailer and quick travel to a garage in doubles restricted area, for example Luxembourg, the trailer will be left in Finland (game default), only the truck will be taken to Luxembourg and you will be automatically kicked for doubles outside permitted area because the tmp mod assumes you still have your trailer attached. While in fact the trailer is left behind in Finland.

How to reproduce: Attach a HCT trailer in a garage in Finland. Travel to a garage in the restricted doubles area.

Screenshots / Videos: None.

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Even though you are not attached to the trailer it is still registered as your active trailer (similar to selecting a trailer in the job market or world of trucks contracts). As long as you have any type of double trailer as active trailer you will be kicked in the exclusion zone. Dismissing the trailer before going anywhere in the exclusion zone is the solution.

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